Protests and the Patriotism Behind Them

John Albinson Chief Sports Editor It’s easy to forget that sports are sports. It can be difficult to separate an athlete from their on-field persona; that is, what they do during a game. As a Yankees fan, I didn’t like Big Papi—my main reason stemmed from the simple fact that he was good at baseball—and this negatively affected the team I support. Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Papi as a player, that didn’t mean I disliked him as a person—because the only reason I abhorred him in any aspect of life was because he wore a Red … Continue reading Protests and the Patriotism Behind Them

Letter from a Jets Fan on Campus

Patrick Wareham Sports Editor “I’m sorry.” “That’s rough.” “You guys exist?” “Uhh, why?”  These are the typical responses I’ve received in the past three weeks when making small talk about the NFL. I am a Jets fan at a college in New England. Enough said. Growing up in Westchester, New York, being a Jets fan wasn’t all that bad. After all, we made trips to the AFC Championship Game back-to-back years in 2009 and 2010. We won Super Bowl III. Sure, we never had the success that the Giants had, but I was okay with being the second or third … Continue reading Letter from a Jets Fan on Campus

History Books Open their Pages for Juve Starlet

Charlie Ryan Sports Editor As the whistle blew, signifying the end of the 194th Derby della mole, I could not help but feel that my thoughts about this Juventus side had crystallized. Something was different about this Turin Derby victory. Was it the effectiveness of the press with Mario Mandzukic moving from the left wing to striker? Was it Giorgio Chiellini’s complete shutdown of Torino’s prolific forward Andrea Belotti? Was it the gelling of Blaise Matuidi and Miralem Pjanic’s midfield partnership? No, no, no, it was something deeper, something intangible. It was as if the void that had emerged after … Continue reading History Books Open their Pages for Juve Starlet