Crusader of the Week: Jacqueline Bashaw ‘17

By John Kim

  1. Hometown: Avon, CT
  2. Major: English (and Digital Media Studies minor)
  3. Best Dorm: Figge
  4. Favorite Holy Cross Class: Pride: Building the American Republic on Science and Technology with Professor Klinghard
  5. Least Favorite Holy Cross Class: Techniques of Programming
  6. Number of All-Nighters Last Semester: Zero (I’ve never pulled an all-nighter, actually!)
  7. Favorite Animal: Tie between dogs and otters.
  8. Favorite Book: “Dracula” #thesisproblems
  9. Favorite Color: Blue
  10. Favorite Movie: “Pride & Prejudice” (the 2005 version)
  11. Favorite Song/Artist: Literally anything by Sara Bareilles or Keane
  12. Favorite TV Shows: “The Office,” “Shadowhunters,” “Reign,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Parks & Recreation”
  13. Favorite Meal on Campus: Buffalo Chicken Arc at the Science Cafe (come back to meeee)
  14. Favorite Professor and Why?: Professor Oser, because he makes you work really hard but you’ll learn so much from his classes.
  15. Favorite Off-Campus Restaurant: Chipotle
  16. Biggest Regrets at Holy Cross: Taking Techniques of Programming and never attending Spring Break Immersion!
  17. Embarrassing Story: When I was studying abroad in Oxford, I went punting (it’s like you’re steering a gondola), and I didn’t know that the pole you use to push the boat off the river bottom would float if you let go of it. It got stuck in the mud, so as we drifted further and further away from it, I jumped into the freezing river to “save” it. Lesson learned…
  18. Best Memory of Holy Cross: Playing charades with my a cappella group.
  19. Campus Activities: Fools on the Hill, PRIDE, Needles & Threads, and WCHC 88.1 FM
  20. Advice for Fellow Crusaders: You are so much more than your grades!
  21. Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream for sure.
  22. Bragging Rights: I can read and speak Old and Middle English.
  23. Hobbies: Reading, singing, playing the piano, cooking, and baking.
  24. Pet Peeve: Loud chewing
  25. Favorite Cool Beans Drink: Decaf iced vanilla lattes
  26. Role Model: My parents
  27. Number One Thing On Your HC Bucket List: Attend the Spiritual Exercises.
  28. Your Mantra: “You’re allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.” – Sophia Bush
  29. One Thing You Would Change at Holy Cross: I’d do away with the #nonewfriends mentality! People come in first year and seem to think that after two weeks your friend groups are set and you can’t say hey to strangers! I’m so over it! Say hi to me, people!
  30. Plans after Graduation: Ahhhhh not sure! Applying to jobs and grad school, so we shall see…

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